Frontline Aftermarket AnalysisMay 28th, 2024

IPOfn Telephone Service

IPOfn offers a personalized service whereby individuals can call IPOfn and personally speak with an IPOfn specialist; the people who are responsible for all the data gathering and analysis that ends up comprising our opening premium expectations for the IPOs and Secondaries that are waiting to come to market. There is a fee schedule for the various kinds of information that is available.

$7.00Individual Stocks - Basic - No UW Info
$25.00Individual Stocks - Blanket No Changes
$12.00Calendar Search
$18.00Client Calendar Delivery
$14.00Individual Stocks - Expanded Details
$20.00Each Underwriter Search -Plus Individual Stock Charges
$25.00Hot List IPOs - Plus Individual Stock Charges
$18.00Selling Groups
$30.00One-To-One For Individual Accts (per minute) NO DISCOUNT
$75.00One-To-One For Institutional Accts (per minute) NO DISCOUNT
$30.00Individual Stock Commentary - NO DISCOUNT
$75.00Overnight Secondary Commentary - NO DISCOUNT
$15.00Changes In Evaluations - No UW Info
$10.00Pricings Per Stock With Recap - Only After 9 AM ET

This particular service is available to non-registered users.

Registration to the Telephone Service on this site is a no cost feature and will allow for processing all Telephone Service transactions. Individuals who register as Individual Users to the website will receive a 50.00% discount from the current rates for any of the services that are part of the IPOfn Telephone Service, with the exception of the One-To-One and Direct Access features.

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