Frontline Aftermarket AnalysisJuly 19th, 2024

IPOfn Frontline Post-IPO Reports offers research reports for the individual investor that follow the IPOs in the after-market with specific fundamentally-based analysis. Investors don't have to read a research report and feel that they are being left in the shadows with confusing and less than useful information that comes from the very brokerage firms that have a vested interest in having you buy their stocks. Get reports that are easy to read and more important, easy to understand.

IPOfn's reports cover a multitude of categories starting from the expiration of the quiet period, which happens 40 days after the stocks come public. This is referred to as 'Trade Date Plus 40', which is the first time that the brokerage firms that were part of the underwriting can speak about forward-looking events. It is also the time that the bulk of the research reports are first published for the investing public. Our report is timed to that event.

Earnings reports are posted every quarter to keep you up to speed with what the company says versus what it actually does. To this day, analysts at the underwriting firms still have difficulty in issuing 'Sell' ratings. Our reports carry 1 of 3 ratings, 'Buy', 'Hold', or 'Sell'. We do this for simplicity and don't get bogged down with esoteric ratings that can cloud the real intention of the report. Our ratings are also not done on a relative basis to any other stock, sector or market index. When you read a report, you should get information that tells you what you should be doing with that stock at that particular point in time. With the IPOfn Frontline, you get information, opinion and analysis that simply makes you say... 'I get it.'

Part of the reseach reporting cycle includes IPOfn's periodic Performance Assessment report. This report gauges the after-effect of earnings and how the stock has performed based on 7 different metrics. It also has the exclusive 'IPOfn Confidence Factor' that indicates the potential strength of our current rating and if we are leaning in a direction to change our rating with the next report.

Should a company undergo a significant event that reflects a move in the stock, inconsistent with our current rating, we publish an IPOfn Event Driven report. This gives a bit more clarity to the situation and hopefully a suggested pathway for those investors that have a position in the stock, good, bad or indifferent.

All of these reports are available separately by subscription or on an individual report basis.

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