Frontline Aftermarket AnalysisMay 28th, 2024

IPOfn Snapshot

When IPOs come public on the Nasdaq, the stocks have a 15 minute period in which the market makers show their hands being either a buyer or a seller of the stock. This only happens once in the life of a Nasdaq company, because no stock is able to trade in this jockeying for position period before the official first time the stock will trade, Between the underwriters and the other market makers that are looking to step in the middle of each trade, the maneuvering that takes place within the 15 minute pre-opening order period is very much like a 3 dimensional chess match. The IPOfn Snapshot captures each move and gives a visual rendition of the movements of the market makers for each stock.

Additionally, there is commentary on the change in market markers quotes. It may be possible to uncover the intentions of how the underwriters will posture themselves in this 15 minute period. We approach each stock as if it is a puzzle with the pieces turned upside down. Our intent is to give the user enough information to hopefully make a better timing decision about buying the stock when it begins to trade.


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