Frontline Aftermarket AnalysisJune 19th, 2024

Shelf - Positive and Negative Divergence

The Shelf Issue Details report only deals with those secondary offerings that have been filed but have not yet disclosed underwriters or an amount of shares to be offered.

Many trading opportunities exist with these offerings and they are followed from the time they are registered, till they either receive terms to no longer qualify them as shelf offerings, or the company decides to officially request a withdrawal of their filing.

This report is broken down into 2 separate reports. Those shelf offerings that are currently above their price at the time of filing and another report that only deals with the offerings that are currently below their price at the time of filing.

Data on the stocks include performance of previous issues in the identical SIC code sector, in addition to the historical information about previous equity offerings from the company. Details are broken down as to what the performance is for other deals in that sector that are trying to also bring secondaries. The top and bottom 5 in each bracket are reflected.

Shelf - Sector Breakdown

This report takes all the shelf offerings that are in our database and groups them together in major and then minor industrial sectors. Detailed information is listed to allow investors to work through the inefficiencies within each sector.