Frontline Aftermarket AnalysisJune 19th, 2024

Investor Handicap

Since 1990, has been projecting the opening premiums of IPOs before they come public. Now we give our registered members the ability to call the opening premiums of every IPO we follow in the pre-IPO phase. You can pick whichever IPO you want from the list of upcoming stocks, in fact, you can pick all of them if you wish. You can change your guess as many times as you want on each stock, but the member that is the first to pick the exact opening premium, as dictated by the opening prices by the exchange on the 1st day of trading will be the winner. That status entitles you to $50 credit to your IPOfn Access Pass account. If you guess the opening premium of an IPO but are not the 1st one to do so, your expertise will not be ignored. As a secondary winner, you are entitled to a $10 credit to your IPOn Access Pass account. This credit can be used toward the costs of any of the IPOfn Online services, including the monthly membership fees. The IPOfn Access Pass credits cannot be used for the Pre-IPO Reports. There is no limit to how many times a member can win. If the exact premium is not chosen, then the closest estimate without going over would be the winning premium.


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